March 11, 2008

Today my Grandma, Bernice Hall took her last breath on this earth. She has now gone to heaven to be with my grandpa. I truly appreciate all of your prayers. While I am very sad that she is gone, I’m also relieved that she is no longer in pain.

She was a great grandmother. She always made me wonderful dresses with matching ribbon for my hair. She always sent us goodies in the mail. She never forgot to call me on my birthday. She was interested in me and my life and always listened with an excited ear. I’ll always remember the fun trips we had. I will never forget how much she enjoyed the getting as close as possible to Niagara Falls and getting soaking wet on the “Maid of the Mist,” or how impressed she was by the Statue of Liberty. While I was not fortunate enough to visit my grandma often through out my life, she still made sure to be present in my life. I will never forget her or how much she means to me.

Grandma Hall at 16