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I know I say this is often, but it is amazing how fast time goes by! It’s already June 8th!

Timothy and I had a very nice anniversary. We went hiking at Lake Somerville, saw the new Indiana Jones movie and we made our favorite foods for lunch and dinner. It was so nice to have a three day weekend and relax.That is just what we needed!

Tim is doing well. He is a Teacher’s Assistant for the summer and is doing research. He is also a mentor for a summer research program. He is very happy that he does not have to have a real job! đŸ™‚

I am doing very well! I got accepted in to graduate school! I will start taking classes this fall at the Texas A&M Health Science Center, in hopes to have a Masters in Public Health by the end of Tim’s schooling. I will be a part time student taking 1 or two classes ever semester. I am very excited and nervous, but more excite.

Thank you to all that prayed for my Uncle. He is doing well and was released from the hospital last Wednesday. Thank you again.

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