(As summer moves along, my true procrastinating nature is exposing itself!)

Our summer is going by so quickly. Today marks the midpoint of summer; it’s sad that it is half way over. Summer just isn’t the same as a grown up… I miss my college days (and younger) when I could be lazy and do what ever on a nice summer day. I miss my parents pool… instead I have a windowless office and that blast air conditioning (which I am thankful for!). I miss the good old days!

Even though we are now grown ups, we have found time to play! At the end of June, we went to Austin for the weekend. We went to capital hill, t.u. campus (UT Longhorns- booo), and we went to McKinney State park to go hiking. It was a lot of fun.

Then my parents came for the Forth of July! It was so much fun. I really enjoyed having them and I think they had a good time too! I showed them campus and my work, Bush Library, San Antonio, and Messina Hof Winery. I’m just sad they couldn’t stay longer. It’s so nice to be with family. (Why does Texas have to be so far from everything?)

That our summer so far in a nutshell…I hope to add pictures very soon. We have so many in the camera… like I said, I’ve been procrastinating!

Take Care- Laura and Tim

PS- We have Skype. We are not on often, but you can give us a ring and we will make sure we are on!