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I love my new job! It is awesome. I love my coworkers, my students and my job! It’s a lot of work- way more than admissions, but it is so much more satisfing.

School- Tim is going well. He is experiencing some bumps in his research, but I have faith he will find his way through. He is also taking a class with a WORLD RENOWNED ROBOTICIST! It’s pretty cool.

As for me, school is kicking my butt! Work and School is a hard combination, but I’m managing. I have classes on Monday and Tuesday night and one class has a TON of reading. I am on track as of right now. I just hope I stay that way.

Take care- Laura

10:15 and still no rain!

HI Everyone,

Today Texas A&M University closed down in anticipation of Hurricane Ike. I was so happy to sleep in! Now it’s almost 10pm and no rain! Outside is very eery and the clouds look very scary, but nada so far. Tim and I are as prepared as we are going to be. We have water, flashlights, food and a full tank of gas. We aren’t as nervous as everyone else- you should have seen people at the grocery store! Everything was sold out, even the firm TOFU! I couldn’t believe it!! (There went my dinner plans! Tim makes a mean General Tso Tofu!)

Around 2am is when it’s suppose to get really bad. I hope to sleep through it, but we have our walk in closet, our bathroom or our kitchen if things get rough! I just pray that our car, that is now paid off will make it out! I’m mainly nervous about the car flooding. I think our apartment is high enough to not get flooded (even though we are on the ground level).

I guess the only thing scarier than Hurricane Ike is not having Internet.

I hope all is well!

Take care- Laura and Tim

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