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This semester has been so hectic! I bit off more than I could chew when it came to school and a new job. Some how I am managing though. Tim is busy too. He has several fellowships that he is applying to. Please pray for him. A fellowship would be so much. It would be 3 years of funding and no more being a teachers assistant. This would mean more time for his own work. He has some applications due this week and them some in December and January.

Even though we have been crazy busy with school and work, we did get to have some fun in October. We went to an TAMU football game, where Kansas kicked out butts and we got to go to the Renaissance Fair – both in the same weekend! It was a really nice break for us. I do have pictures from both. I hope to post them soon, but it may be over Thanksgiving break.

This Thanksgiving, Tim and I hope to invite all of our friends over. It should be fun. Tim and I also bought our plane tickets for Christmas break! We will be splitting up for Christmas (Tim to VA and I’ll be heading to NY) but I will be meeting up with Tim for New Years in VA. We can’t start the new year with out a kiss! đŸ™‚

Well I better go to bed. Day light savings time is getting me all off track!

Take care! Love- Laura

PS- I’m not editing this, so I hope my spelling and grammar is readable!

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