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I feel horrible, that I have not been keeping in touch with people like I should be. I really hope to get better at it. I know I have the time, I’m just not using it wisely.


The Holidays 2008 Edition:

Thanksgiving this year was great. On Thanksgiving Day we went to one of Tim’s Professor house. I actually got to have turkey! The following day we had a bunch of our friends over for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun. We definitely enjoyed the Thanksgiving Break.

After surviving Finals week, Tim and I few to our parent’s house for Christmas break. Tim went to VA and I went to NY. New York was a lot of fun. I got to spend a lot of time with my family, eat good food and relaxing! After Christmas was over, I flew to VA and spent New Years with Tim and his family. We had a really nice time, except that I was sick the whole time. But we had fun visiting the UVA campus, the movies and of course eating. We both we so thankful to be out of College Station and spending time with our families. Texas gets pretty lonely.

Back to Texas:

Once we were back in Texas, we hit the ground running. Work has been very busy for me. I advise health majors at TAMU and there are just too many! My boss tried to make it so that current TAMU students couldn’t change their major until the fall, when new standards will be in place, but the College of Education said no. So I’ve gotten over 60 new students since January and every week I get a few more! I think I have over 600 students now and most of my co works have 400-500 students. Not to mention, I’m taking a class at TAMU this semester and in the process of studying for my GREs (like the SAT but for Graduate school). Pray for me, I need it!

Thankfully Tim is a Teaching Assistant again this semester. He is also hoping that he will be awarded a fellowship for the fall, but we haven’t heard yet. It’s so competitive. I just hope they are impressed by his research.

Other than work and school, Tim and I have some mini-vacations planned. We hope to go to Fredricksburg for a few days during Spring Break. It is a small little German town west of Austin. We have heard really nice things about it.  We are also hoping to go to the beach in Corpis Cristi for our Anniversary in May. I’m definitely looking forward to any type of trip away from work and school!

Not much else is going on. Thank you all for reading!

Love- Laura and Tim! 

PS- We hope to post some pictures soon! Also we both have new laptops with built in web cams…so feel free to skype us if we are online!! 🙂

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