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APRIL 22, Earth Day!

(And Happy Birthday AJ! The big 3-0!)

5 Easy ways to be more eco friendly (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!):

1. Reusable Water bottle
2. Reusable shopping bags.
3. Buy Local! Get your tomatoes from your neighbor, not from California!
4. Eat one vegetarian meal a week. Get your energy straight from the source.
5. Unplug cell phone chargers when not in use.

5 Easy ways to be Cruelty-Free (Be thoughtful when shopping):

1. Buy cage free eggs (They are only like .50 more.)
2. Buy Free range meat
3. Eat one vegetarian meal a week or more!
4. Drink Soy milk
5. Buy products not tested on animal (7th Generation cleaning supplies)

5 Easy and Awesome Vegetarian Meals We Love (okay, 6. We have too many):

1. Veggie Lasagna
2. Macaroni and Cheese
3. Vegetable Stir fry with rice
4. Lentil Soup with fresh bread
5. Portabella with Feta Pizza
6. Vegetable Enchiladas (stuffed with onions, peppers and Ground meatless-burger)

This has been one long semester. Both Timothy and I are ready for classes to be over! I’ve decided to take a break from school after this semester because doing both school and working full time is becoming too much for me. I hope that after Tim graduates, I will be able to go to school. I’ve done really well here at TAMU, so I hope that will help me into a program somewhere else.

Because we are both ready for the semester to be over, Timothy and I are planning a camping trip to Big Bend State and National Park! We are going to go the week of our 2 year anniversary! We are really excited to see West Texas and to take a break from College Station.

Other than trying to get out of College Station, not much is going on. School and Work keeps both of us very busy! So we are definitely looking forward to Big Bend, Italy and Christmas with our Families (still trying to figure that one out! We need two Christmases).

Take Care-Laura

This past week, Timothy and I tried to figure out what we were going to do for fun. We thought about Disneyworld or maybe a Caribbean cruise. So we looked up the prices, which were outragous.¬† Then we figured, if it cost that much to go to Disneyworld or on a Cruise, we should do something really cool like… GO TO ROMA!

In January 2010, Timothy and I are setting off on an adventure to Rome. No not Rome, New York- ROME, ITALY!!!!

This weekend, we set up a budget to save up for the trip, bought our first Rome travel book and added some movies/shows about Rome to our Queue on Netflix!

Stay tuned for more updates on our AWESOME ADVENTURE!

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