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Our trip to Big Bend was AMAZING.

The drive to west Texas was awesome and if that was all we did, it would have  been worth it. The landscape is so different. As we drove it slowly changed from hills, to mountains, to desert, back to mountains, back to desert… What is interesting is the mountains and deserts looked so unique and different from one another. It was very cool and we loved seeing every minute of it.

Once we got to Big Bend the drive wasn’t over. It was still about another hour drive to get to the Chisos Basin where our campsite was located. We picked an awesome campsite, site #4. I highly recommend it. It is right under Casa Grande Mountain. The view from our camp sight was breath taking! The mountains were all around us and there were so many stars at night. It truly was amazing. Pictures and words can not even begin to tell how awesome it was. It didn’t seem real.

We really lucked out this past week. Typically Big Bend hits the triple digits this time of year and while we were there it probably didn’t get higher than 92 or 93 degrees. Also it rained twice (and hailed once!), which is unusual for this time of year but nice for us. It kept things nice and cool. I am also happy to report that Tim escaped Big Bend without a sunburn and I only got a little burnt on my neck!

While we were there, several campers spotted Mt. Lions and Black Bears, but we did not (thankfully!). However we did see deer, roadrunners, a dead tarantula, javelina, voltures, jackrabbits and a ton of lizards. It was pretty cool. Only the voltures scared me!

Overall our trip went really well, despite charcoal fires being banned and no showers. 🙂 We had so much fun and we were sad to go, but happy to come home to a bed and shower!

Our favorite parts: Lost Mine Trail and Scenic Drive.

Tim’s Fav: Driving into the Chisos Basin and  Hot Spring Trail

Laura’s Fav: Sunset on Window View Trail

Monday, May 25

Left Bryan, Texas as 6am. Arrived at the Chisos Basin (Big Bend National Park) at 5pm.

Roughly 573 Miles

Tuesday, May 26 Our 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Window View Trail 1/3 mile

Lost Mine Trail 4.8 Round Trip

Basin Loop 1.6 miles

Wednesday, May 27

Daniel’s Ranch to Hot SpringTrail 5 miles Round Trip (not completed due to trail washed out)

Ross Maxwell Senic Drive

Thursday, May 28

Window Trail 4.4 miles Round Trip

Grapevine Hills 2 miles Round Trip

Friday, May 29

Left Chisos Basin at 6am. Arrived in College Station at 4pm. HOME SWEET HOME!

It’s SUMMER and school is out! (Until June 1) Tim and I will be heading to Big Bend on Monday and staying through Friday. I’m a little nervous. I hope there will be a camp site available. Big Bend is a 10 hour drive and first come, first serve with campsites. So keep your fingers crossed. I also pray that we don’t get sun burnt, dehydrated, bitten by a snake, scorpion, tarantula, or injured in some other way. As you can tell, I am not much of an outdoors person, but the things one does for love… 🙂 I’m really excited that I will have a week off from work. I ready for some R&R! I hope to post pictures shortly after we get back!

Also, on Tuesday May 26, it will be 2 years that Tim and I have been married! It’s hard to believe that almost 6 years ago we met in Potsdam and that 2 years ago, we got hitched! What’s weird is that I don’t know what my life would be like without Tim, besides I would have less dishes to do and clothes to wash. 🙂

In sad news my Aunt Maralu (My Mom’s brother’s wife.) passed away on May 18th.  My Uncle Jim and Aunt Maralu have 5 children and 6 grandchildren. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Take care, Laura and Tim

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