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Tim turned 25 this week! He is now officially old. (JK) I had a birthday parade for him and awesome tickets to Sea World San Antonio. Yesterday (Saturday, Sept. 26) we spent the day with Shamu and his friends. It was so awesome.

Highlights from the trip:

1. Seeing Tim’s terrified face, on the Steel Eel, roller coaster! (We believe it was his second time on a real roller coaster… as a Ramirez, this is hard too believe.)

2. Seeing Viva (dolphin show) and Believe (Shamu show).

3. Laura petting a dolphin!!! Yes, I, Laura Mann, petted a dolphin and was not scared!

4. Tim ending up under a waterfall on the “Rio Loco” white water rafting ride.

5. 4D Pirate show! (Fake crabs crawling up our legs, bird poo falling on our heads, bees stinging us and getting splashed by the captain- who walked the plank…it’s hard to explain, but it was awesome!)

School is back in session! Once again, we are thankful that Tim is a Teaching Assisant this semester. He will also be doing some consulting work for a new company in Austin (but working here in College Station). Not only that but Tim is also taking a course. I don’t know how he does it all!

As for me, work is keeping me busy. We have a new system/database that makes my life very stressful, but in time I’ll get use to it. This semester I am not taking any coursework, but I am studying my butt off for the GRE. Tim and I have been sending our weekends at the library and I’m working my way through the Math book I got for the GREs… it is super thick… I feel like I’m never going to get through it. I’m planning on taking the GRE in late October… I hope a month and a 1/2 is enough time!

Other than that, not much is going on. Tim’s birthday is coming up (Sept. 22) and I got us tickets to Seaworld in San Antonio for his Birthday weekend! I’ll definitely post pictures of our trip!

We hope that everyone had a nice summer! ❤

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