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It’s November!?!
The semester is starting to wind down. I took the GREs a couple of weeks ago and got the score I needed! I hope to have my application completed by Friday, if not sooner! My plan right now is to take one class next spring and start full time in the Fall. I’ll pursing my Masters in Youth Development through the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Sciences.
Tim is doing well. He has had a very busy semester. He has been doing some consulting for a company in Austin, he is a Teaching Assistant again and is also taking a class.  This semester he also presented a poster at Rice University in Houston! Next semester he will be taking his last official class and then he will be working on his dissertation! Only a couple of years left!

We have bought our plane tickets for Christmas. Tim will be in Virginia from Dec. 20-Jan. 1 and I’ll be in New York from Dec. 20-Jan. 1. Since we will not be spending the holidays together, Tim and I have planned a week long trip to New Mexico to go skiing in January (3-8). As of right now our trip to Rome is on hold. We think it would be best to go after Tim graduates, so that we can save more money and possibly have a longer trip and see more of Italy. We haven’t given up yet!

We hope that everyone is doing well!

Take care, Laura and Tim

Last night while roaming through Micheal’s Arts and Craft store, we found these awesome hats! Then we found these awesome tee shirt paints and wooden animals!

Homemade costumes are the best!

Tim is a Monkey in a Jungle. I am an Elephant in the Jungle.  (Jungle Artwork done by  Timothy!) We had a nice night with a few of our friends…but only like 6 groups of kids knocked on our door! So sad… we have so much candy and my belly hurts….

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