For Spring Break, back in March, Tim and I went to Comfort, TX to visit Sally and Kole Lovett, my youth leader from Club Beyond in Germany, for a couple of days (I only got Thursday and Friday off from work). It was so much fun to visit them and see their children! We had such a great time!!! Plus we went hiking in Lost Maples State Park, right outside of San Antonio. 🙂

In recent news, on Wednesday, April 7th I (Laura) will be having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled! :*( Not looking forward to it, but it needs to be done. I have one tooth that has 3 roots! (See picture above! Isn’t it HUGE?!?!)

Other than that, work and school are both going well for Tim and me. We are ready for the semester to be over and for summer to start! As of right now we have now travel plans. 😦 …But hope to do something nice for our 3 year anniversary coming up in May. We are thinking we might go back to Galveston, since we had such a great time last summer.

We hope everyone will have a nice Easter!

Take care, Laura and Tim