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For our 5th Anniversary Tim and I traveled back to Big Bend for three awesome days!

May 13: Traveled roughly 575 miles to Chisos Basin @ Big Bend

May 14: Hiked Lost Mine Trail (4.8 miles)  and Window Trail (4.4 miles)

May 15:  Hiked Grapevine Trail (2 miles), Homer Wilson Ranch (1 miles), Burro Mesa Pour off (2 miles), Sam Nail Ranch (.5) and drove Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

May 16: Hiked Mule Ear Springs (4 miles) and Pinnacles Trail (roughly 6 miles)

May 17: Drove home! 🙂

2012 is a BIG YEAR for Tim and me! It will be a year of celebration!

First: I graduated with my Masters of Science in Recreation Parks and Tourism Sciences (Youth Development)

Next: Tim and I Celebrate our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary on May 26!

Then: In December, Tim will be graduating with his PhD in Computer Science and I will be graduating again with my Masters of Science in Health Education.

Please pray for us while we begin searching for jobs.

Other things: We spent Spring Break in NY with Tim’s parents, and will be heading back to NY for Tim’s sisters wedding in July. We also went back to Big Bend National park to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary!

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