Timothy and I safely arrived in Israel on Tuesday. Our flight left JFK at 6pm on Monday and we arrived in Tel Aviv on Tuesday at 11:40am. The almost 10 hour flight wasn’t too bad. It was hard to sleep, but thankfully they had some interesting movies and vegetarian meals for us!

Once we arrived in Israel, we took the train to Haifa. The trains here are really nice. They even have free wifi! While on the train we passed right along the Mediterranean coast for several miles. It was beautiful. The only bad part was that it started raining (and didn’t stop until today)! Once in Haifa we took a taxi to the Technion. We were a little lost, but only ended up being 2 buildings away from our hotel.

On Wednesday we met with Bella (a lady in Tim’s department) to discuss housing, cell phones, health insurance, etc. We even looked at one apartment. On Thursday we looked at 2 apartments and walked through a business district near the Technion. On Friday, we looked at one more apartment and then desperately tried to find food as most shops/restaurants were closing for the Sabbath! We had a little luck, but lets just say we were HUNGRY yesterday. Luckily today (the Sabbath), we found a small cafe that was open. Otherwise I might have chewed my arm off (or Tim’s)!

We have decide on an apartment and we just hope/pray it is still available tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be a busy day as we need to open a bank account and Tim has several appointments in the afternoon.

Other random thoughts about Haifa, Israel:

  • There are so many hills and stairs! It feels like fat camp!
  • They have awesome coffee shops with really good coffees and pastries! A lot like Europe.
  • Thank goodness the Gelato Shop is open on the Sabbath! If nothing else, we can eat ice cream! 🙂
  • The rainy season is RAINY!
  • They don’t have ovens or ranges (only hot plates) in their apartment! How am I going to bake cookies? Or Mac & Cheese? Or Lasagna?
  • We LOVE Falafel!
  • They put CORN on their Pizza! (So do Koreans… I wonder why American’s don’t?)
  • There are a lot of stray cats.
  • Ducky and Pembleton are having a good time so far! 🙂