Life is good in Israel. Surprisingly Timothy and I have had a pretty easy transition and have not experienced too much culture shock (besides almost starving our first sabbath!). However I will say, I’ve had a couple of rough days where I really had to ask  myself “What have I gotten myself into?!?!” But overall life is good.

We moved into our apartment on Sunday (Feb. 10), which Tim refers to as our Mt. Carmel Cottage. So far we just have a bed, small vanity/shelf unit, an end table, and some kitchen supplies. Our neighbor is letting us use some stools until we get some chairs. While it doesn’t feel homey like our place in Texas, it is a really nice apartment. I’m sure it will feel like home soon.

We live in a great neighborhood called Neve Shaanan, which is near the Ziv Center in Haifa. Across the street from our apartment is a small bakery (Tim likes to get pastries there) and a pharmacy. Around the corner is a grocery store. And down the street is a produce market and a butcher shop (which we don’t have much use for). We are also close to several bus stops that can take us to almost any where we want to go in the area. I think I understand the buses a little better than Tim! 🙂

Timothy and I also joined an English writers group (We are the youngest members by about 33 years, but we kinda like it that way). The groups main goal is to write about life in Haifa from the perspective of native English speakers/immigrants. I think it will be really fun and help to encourage us to write about our experiences here in Israel. Plus the people are really nice and have such interesting stories to tell.

We are also starting to make friends with our neighbors and Tim’s school mates. I’m excited about what will happen next during our adventure in Israel.

Other random thoughts about Haifa, Israel:

  • The bats are HUGE! They are like flying cats.
  • You can buy milk in a bag.
  • Domino’s Pizza is open on the Sabbath! WHOOP!
  • Hummas here is so good and creamier than in the U.S.
  • Schnitzel means fried chicken in Israel… not fried pork like in Germany.
  • Cell phone plans are CHEAP!!