Day 7 September 19

We did not have any definite plans for our last day in Rome. When researching for this trip, we watched several Rick Steves videos and his side trip to Ostia Antica interested us. Before going to Ostia Antica, we stopped by some of the sights we saw our first night when we did the “Heart of Rome” walk. It was really nice to see The Four Fountains and other sights during the day. Then we headed to Ostia Antica, an ancient port town- containing the remains of warehouses, apartments, mansions, shopping arcades, baths and a 2000 year old theater that served a once-thriving port of 60,000 people. Later it became a ghost town that is now being excavated (Rick Steves, Italy 2013).

This was such a highlight of our trip. The cool part of Ostia is it is HUGE! The main road is 2 km long and I’m not sure how wide it is, but it’s pretty wide! We really got to explore the ruins, go inside buildings, climb to the top of the theater, and so much more. It was really amazing and a great way to say good bye to Italy, before heading to the airport.

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