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Dorothea Ramirez, 62, passed away on July 23, 2014. Dorothea, known by friends as Dee, was born in Aberdeen, WA to the late Mr. Milton Hall & Mrs. Bernice Hall on July 17, 1952. She graduated from Hoquiam High School, and married Mark A. Ramirez on February 23, 1985. She was a loving wife, mother, sister & friend. More than that, she was a proud Army Wife, Army Mom, & Aggie Mom. She loved traveling, reading historical fiction, writing silly stories, & taking photographs. She was also involved in church for many years & was known as a behind the scenes woman who served God humbly.

Dee is preceded in death by her parents Milton & Bernice Hall; her brother, Milton Hall, Jr.; & mother-in-law, Carmen Ramirez.

Dee is survived by her husband, Mark Ramirez; her children, Anthony Ramirez, Laura Ramirez-Mann & Timothy Mann, Lyle & Rachel Ramirez; her grandchildren Mia Farrell Ramirez, Elijah Farrell, Aliyah Farrell, & Savannah Ramirez; along with her older sister Marie Clair & younger brother James Hall.

The family of Dorothea Ramirez wishes to extend our sincere thanks to Valley Medical Oncology Consultants (Dr. Nitin Joshi, Tara Jordan, PA-C, & the nursing staff), Vitas Innovative Hospice Care, Highland Baptist Church, & her family & friends who supported her & loved her.

Mom to the chosen few, Dee to most, & Dorothea to some.

In lieu of flowers, we ask people to donate in mom’s name (Dorothea E. Ramirez) to either the American Cancer Society or The Gideon International (Free Bible service).

Thank you from the Ramirez Family.

First and foremost:

Thank you for your prayers regarding our safety here in Israel and also for our moms! They really mean a lot to us! (Also, sorry this is going to be a LONG POST.)

The situation in Israel: 

As many of you know, Israel is currently in conflict with Hamas in the Gaza strip (this is in the southern part of Israel). Most of the attacks from Hamas have been targeted at the southern and central part of Israel. Where we live, Hafia, is in the north. We are about 100 km (63 miles) north of Tel Aviv on the coast. There have been a couple of rockets aimed at the north, but thankfully no damage was done to our area. Last night (3:30am) was the first time the sirens have gone off in our area. It was scarey, but we prepared and know where to go for safety. Again, thank you for your prayers. Hopefully there will be  a cease fire agreement soon.

Now for the Long Overdue Update:

Where have we been? That is a great question! Sometimes Timothy and I aren’t even sure where we are! So here is an update of what has been going on in the past 6 months since I last posted.

February & March: Honestly, I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure we were in Haifa the entire time. Timothy was really busy with work and had several conference deadlines. And I was finishing up a project with Texas A&M.

April: On April 4th, Timothy and I ran in a charity run. It was a lot of fun. We ran a total of 10k! Then, on Palm Sunday, Timothy and I visited a Kabutz and one (of many) Church of the Annunciation in Nazerath ( We also got to visit Mount Precipice ( It was a nice day trip.

April/May, Timothy had to go back to the U.S. to get an Israeli working visa (crazy right?!), because he was promoted from a Post-Doctoral Fellow to a Senior Researcher. To make the most of his trip to the U.S. he arranged to work with a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh for a month. He even got to spend Easter with his family.

During this time, I went to California to visit my family. I got to spend Easter weekend with my parents and my younger brother, Lyle. Thankfully I got to stay with my parents for 7 weeks! I’m very blessed to have gotten this time with my parents, especially my mom. I got to go to her Chemo and doctor appointments. I also got to keep her company while she was in the hospital.

June, Timothy was in Beijing, China for the International Conference for Machine Learning, where he presented two papers (Previously Timothy went to this ICML in Scotland and hopefully next year, where it will be in France). Then in September Timothy is going to a conference in Heidelberg, Germany. He is also working extremely hard at publishing lots of papers and in the fall will be applying for jobs in the U.S.

Also, Timothy and I are Aunt & Uncle once again! My brother Lyle and his wife Rachel had Savannah Marie on June 22, 2014! She was 7lbs 6.5oz and 20 ½ inches long! Most importantly she was healthy and beautiful! She looks like Lyle, so I’m wondering if she will look like me.

July, We had a very nice 4th of July. We went to the beach (Hof HaCarmel). We went swimming, got sun burnt and had lunch. Overall, a great day.

In other news: I am still working for Texas A&M. Dr. Outley, my masters advisor, who had me work on a grant for her doing online course development referred me to another professor after the grant was finished. Thanks to her, I am now working with a professor in Animals Science helping with online course development! It is really a blessing! I hope I keep getting referred!

Mom Updates:

Bonnie Mann- Hopefully Timothy’s mom will be starting a new radiation therapy called “Proton Therapy.” It will be 5 days a week and she will have to travel to New Jersey for treatment. Please pray for healing, strength, and travel.

Dee Ramirez- My mom has in and out of the hospital the last month and 1/2. Due to her cancer, chemo and medications, her blood levels have been off. She has needed several blood transfusions and she has had some blood clots. Last week we found out she also had a mini-stroke, which has caused my mom to be confused and tired. My mom started a new chemotherapy this week and is doing much better. Please pray for my dad as he is taking care of her and it has not been easy. Please also pray for healing and strength for my mom as well.

I think that is everything for now. I hope to update more regularly, but that is easier said than done!

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