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On Thursday evening we began our journey to Jolly O’ England. We flew out of Stewart International Airport in New York. Our flight from SFW was delayed by an hour, which was stressful because we only had a 2 hour layover! Once we landed, we took the shuttle from terminal F to terminal A, then raced to our gate. Once there, boarding began immediately. Thankfully we made it and so did our luggage! British Airways is an awesome airline and we really enjoyed the flight.

We arrived Friday morning around 6:30am in London. Customs was easy, but took a long time because it was our first time going through with our visas. Then we quickly got our luggage and our private taxi took us to our very nice temporary apartment (see pix below). We will be staying here until February 28th, while we look for a permanent place.

After taking a short nap, we grabbed some coffee in Russell Square Park, before heading to the British National Museum. It was really cool and we barely scratched the surface, there is so much to see. Afterwards we grabbed a late lunch and groceries, before heading back to our apartment.

We are so happy to be in London, and ready to explore our new town!

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Timothy and I spent a week in Texas, before the big move to London. We were in College Station for about four days, staying at our wonderful friend Christina’s apartment. We moved out of our storage unit, I had meetings for work, and we met up with some friends and professors. Then we went to San Antonio for a day to stay with the Ramons, before we headed off to Austin.¬† While in Austin, Timothy attended a AAAI workshop and we got to see a few more friends. Unfortunately, we were very busy and did not get to see everyone, or do all the things we wanted. One person, I wanted to see but was unable to was my advisor Dr. Corliss Outley. She was in Houston with her little girl, Aailyah who was in the ICU at Texas Children’s hospital. I am sad to say, Aailyah passed away last Friday. Please pray for the Outley family.

Overall it was a really good trip, despite the stress of moving and flight cancellations. Also, we were really bad about taking pictures. Here are a few we did manage to take:

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This month we have been doing a lot of traveling and most importantly, we have been able to spend lots of time with family before we move to London! Overall, we have been having a lot of fun!

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