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Timothy and I spent a week in Texas, before the big move to London. We were in College Station for about four days, staying at our wonderful friend Christina’s apartment. We moved out of our storage unit, I had meetings for work, and we met up with some friends and professors. Then we went to San Antonio for a day to stay with the Ramons, before we headed off to Austin.  While in Austin, Timothy attended a AAAI workshop and we got to see a few more friends. Unfortunately, we were very busy and did not get to see everyone, or do all the things we wanted. One person, I wanted to see but was unable to was my advisor Dr. Corliss Outley. She was in Houston with her little girl, Aailyah who was in the ICU at Texas Children’s hospital. I am sad to say, Aailyah passed away last Friday. Please pray for the Outley family.

Overall it was a really good trip, despite the stress of moving and flight cancellations. Also, we were really bad about taking pictures. Here are a few we did manage to take:

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Timothy’s parents and younger brother, Christopher came to Texas for Timothy’s Graduation.

While they were here, we gave them the grand tour of Bryan/College Station & Texas A&M, went to Tim’s graduation, watched the the Bryan Holiday Parade, visited the capitol building in Austin, along with the Alamo and Riverwalk in San Antonio, and Galveston island. We had lots of fun and ate a lot of good Texas food! 🙂

Here are some pictures from our trip!

A month ago Timothy graduated from Texas A&M University with his PhD!

Sorry It took me so long to post some pictures on our blog. Hopefully you were able to see some on Facebook! 🙂

Timothy will be graduating on Friday, December 14 at 2pm central time (For our East Coast family- 3pm & For our West Coast family 12pm). Below is the website to watch graduation streamed live online:


The best part is PhD students are the first to receive their degrees and to get hooded. So you do not have to watch the whole ceremony! Trust me it is long.

I will not be attending my graduation on Saturday. I think once is enough, but I will wear my cap and gown for pictures with Timothy.

Congrats to Johnny Football HeisManzeil! 🙂

On November 24th we watched the Aggies and Johnny Football beat Mizzou 59-29! Whoop!

We are one step closer to graduation.  Yesterday, Timothy submitted the final paper work for his dissertation, and I passed my oral exam. To celebrate Timothy and I ordered our Aggie Rings! For those of you who don’t know, getting your Aggie Ring is a HUGE deal! You can’t just buy one. You have to apply for one, and meet the eligibility requirements- then you pay for it! J

As new comers to A&M in ’07 we didn’t get why the rings were so special, but after 5 ½ years we get it. The best part is we are the class of 2012. Our rings will have a 12 in the middle, and not only will it represent our class year, but also the 12th Man spirit. We will get to pick up our rings the day of Graduation.

On December 14 @ 2pm, Timothy will be walking across the stage in Reed Arena, wearing his brand new Aggie Ring to receive his diploma and to get “hooded.” If you would like to watch graduation online, we will send out a link that will stream graduation live.

In other news, we plan to move out of our apartment the week after graduation (around Dec. 21). We have not planned out our route yet, but somehow we will end up in NY to drop off our car before we fly to Israel.

On Tuesday October 2, 2012 Timothy Mann defended his dissertation and PASSED! As us Aggies would say “WHOOP!” While I was unable to attend due to traveling for work, Dr. Mann said he did a great job and he was easily able to answer everyone’s questions!

We would like to thank everyone, our family and friends for all of their love, and support. We would not have the success we have without all of you.  Thank you for words of encouragements, prayers, and even gifts. It’s amazing how many people have touched our lives as we look back at the past 9 years when we first met freshman year of college or even 5 years ago when we got married.

Please continue to pray for us as we make our decisions for our next chapter, “Life after A&M”.

10 more weeks til graduation.

Pictures from Timothy’s Birthday

2012 is a BIG YEAR for Tim and me! It will be a year of celebration!

First: I graduated with my Masters of Science in Recreation Parks and Tourism Sciences (Youth Development)

Next: Tim and I Celebrate our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary on May 26!

Then: In December, Tim will be graduating with his PhD in Computer Science and I will be graduating again with my Masters of Science in Health Education.

Please pray for us while we begin searching for jobs.

Other things: We spent Spring Break in NY with Tim’s parents, and will be heading back to NY for Tim’s sisters wedding in July. We also went back to Big Bend National park to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary!

Tim and I had an amazing time in South Korea. We spent our time split between the cities of Seoul and Daegu.  We saw so many beautiful things, and spent time with some old friends from Texas A&M ! We hope to go back one day! There is so much more for us to see.

Hi Everyone!

If you would like to read a paper I wrote on Boys and Identity, it is posted on the Youth Development Initiative website, check it out at:

Tim will be in San Antonio next week for the Computation Neuroscience 2010 conference, where he will be presenting a poster! And in late August Tim will be in Ann Arbor, MI at the IEEE 9th International Conference on Development and Learning, where he will be presenting a different poster. Both conferences will have a paper published in the conference proceedings and he also has a commentary being published in the Brains and Behavioral Sciences Journal.

Also, my mom has been visiting this summer and we have been having a great time! Pictures are to come! And some are on Facebook!

Take care, Laura

I (Laura) have been fully admitted to TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY as a Graduate student!!!!! It was official yesterday!

Happy Holidays!!!

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