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For our six year wedding anniversary (May 26, ’07), Timothy and I celebrated a few days early by having dinner in the German Colony in Haifa. We went to a Lebanese restaurant, Fattoush, on the very popular Ben Gurion Street.   The atmosphere was very middle eastern with lots of decorations, pillows,  and candles. Everyone wanted to sit outside, so Timothy and I had our own private room.

The food was delicious. We had grilled eggplant for appetizer, Egyptian Hummus with black beans and vegetarian rice dish for the main course, and Kanafeh for dessert. After dinner, the sun had set in Haifa, and we were now able to see all the lights of the Bahai Gardens at the top of Ben Gurion St. illuminated. It was beautiful.

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2012 is a BIG YEAR for Tim and me! It will be a year of celebration!

First: I graduated with my Masters of Science in Recreation Parks and Tourism Sciences (Youth Development)

Next: Tim and I Celebrate our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary on May 26!

Then: In December, Tim will be graduating with his PhD in Computer Science and I will be graduating again with my Masters of Science in Health Education.

Please pray for us while we begin searching for jobs.

Other things: We spent Spring Break in NY with Tim’s parents, and will be heading back to NY for Tim’s sisters wedding in July. We also went back to Big Bend National park to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary!

Where did this past year go?

May 26th will be Timothy and my FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Our wedding came fast, and time still hasn’t managed to slow down! We plan on doing something special for our anniversary, we just haven’t figured out what! Next year, we plan on going on a Southwest Road trip to New Mexico and Arizona at the end of May. We really hope it will work out.

I’m really not sure what happened in April. Honestly it was a blur. Tim has been busy preparing for finals (which are this week!) and I have been working on my application for graduate school… in true Laura fashion- I am constantly battling procrastination. A statement of purpose is not as easy as it may sound.

One thing I can say about April is that Tim and I got out more! It felt really good to be social! We even had a bunch of Tim’s Lab mates over for cards and pizza. Next Friday we are hosting a BBQ at a local park (You are all invited!). So far it looks like it is going to be lots of fun. We will be sure to take lots of pictures.

Right now we are really hoping Tim gets a summer internship, if he doesn’t we will have to pay for his tuition! Please pray that he finds something. We have saved money for this, but we were hoping to use the money we saved for student loans- not tuition! Also please pray for my essay. I do not do well under pressure and it is becoming very stressful.

Thank you for all of your emails! Tim and I now have SKYPE (, so if you have a web cam- maybe I’ll see you soon!

Take Care,

Laura and Tim

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