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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while!

My first trimester was a little tough. While I was not as sick as some women, I was extremely tired, and queasy for several weeks. Right around the end of the first trimester (early July), I felt better, and better with each passing week.

When we went to our 12 week ultra sound, we were shocked to find out we were 13 weeks. While one week may not seem like much, it made me more anxious. That was one less week to prepare!! Despite the news we were further along than we thought, it was an amazing experience. Peanut (Baby Mann) was so active! We couldn’t believe it! Seeing Peanut on the screen definitely made it more real!

My second trimester has been going very smoothly. We have been traveling a lot. This means a lot of walking, which has helped me regain a lot of my energy. I didn’t start showing until around week 18-19, and each week Peanut is getting bigger and bigger. Around 18 weeks I thought I was feeling Peanut move, but I wasn’t sure. Then around week 20, I was definitely feeling Peanut move. While my book says that Timothy shouldn’t feel Peanut move yet, Peanut is pretty strong and every once in a while Timothy feels a really good kick (or punch!). It’s pretty amazing.

At our 20 week anatomy ultra sound, we received really great news. So far, Peanut looks super healthy! All of Peanut’s skeletal structure and organs looks exactly like it should. I will say this was a very interesting appointment. During our first ultrasound Peanut would not stop moving! It was very hard for the technician to measure the baby. This time, we had the opposite problem! Peanut was asleep, on it’s belly. This made it so we could only hear/see the heart beat and a few parts of the skeletal structure that needed to be reviewed. After drinking juice and lots of walking- Peanut finally woke up and turned around. Finally, the technician could do their job! At the very end of the appointment, we found out that Peanut is a…

It's a Girl!

We are so excited. We are currently at 22 weeks, so only 18 more to go! It’s a little scary, but we are very excited to meet our little girl!

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes!

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