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Our little girl is growing up so fast. She is changing every day- She is starting to play and grasp items (she loves holding our fingers or mommy’s hair). She is very curious. She loves looking around, and maintains eye contact. She loves kisses, and has the cutest smile. She is still sleeping and eating well. She now weighs 11.5 lbs!

At the beginning of March Grandpa Mark visited us in England. We had such a great visit.  Then for Easter weekend, we went up north to York for a couple of days. It was a great visit. We went to the Good Friday Evensong service at York Minster, and to the Yorkshire Museum. There was also a really awesome Easter Market. Evie did great for her first little vacation. She has seen and done so much in her two months of life, and we can’t wait to do more!

We have survived our first month as parents, and more importantly Evie survived us!

Honestly, Evie has been an amazing baby. She is doing great at eating, and sleeping (most nights). She occasionally fusses, but overall she is a very content baby.

Tim’s parents were here for her first week, and then Timothy had a second week of paternity leave. When Timothy went back to work, I was surprised at how smoothly things went on my own. However, I am always so thankful when Tim walks through the door at night! Even though she is a good baby, being a mom is mentally and physically tough.

Evie is really strong. She can lift her head, and likes to kick her feet. She can now grasp thing (not well, but she can get a hold of my hair!). She also makes the cutest cooing sound when she sleeps on our chest. Also, at her 3 week weigh-in she had gained a pound! She is now a whopping 9 lbs 3 oz.

Next week Grandpa Mark is coming to visit, and we can’t wait!

Here are a few pictures from a little DYI photo shoot:

Baby Evie has finally arrived! Sorry this post is a little late!

Evelyn was born at the end of January. It was a tough labor, but both mom and baby are very healthy!! Evie is feeding well, and sleeping well. Mommy and Daddy are so in love with Evie and are enjoying parenthood very much.

We are also very thankful that Timothy’s parents were able to visit/help us during our first week as parents. It was such a blessing for them to be here to support us and for them to be able to meet their FIRST grandchild!

Dear Family and Friends!

We hope you had a wonderful Chanukkah &/or Christmas, and that you will have a very Happy New Year!

We had a nice and quiet Christmas here in England. The weather in England has been unseasonably mild, but we are not complaining! Timothy has gotten to work from home this Christmas/New Year’s week, so we are just relaxing and getting odds/ends done for when little Evie comes!

2015 was another exciting year for us. We moved from Israel to England. Timothy has been having an awesome time at his new job. He is working with such awesome people, and on so many cool projects! When Timothy is not working (and sometimes when he is), we traveled!! Not surprising right?!?! This year we went to Israel (for a wedding) & Jordan in May, France (ICML Conference) in June, California (Google HQ) in August, Southern England (Tim’s B-Day) in September, and Northern England (Our Babymoon) in October! Not to mention the entire time we were traveling, little Evie was with us!  (We found out shortly after our trip to Israel/Jordan.)

2016 is going to be such an exciting year. We have our hospital bags packed and ready for when Ms. Evelyn decides to join us. But other than that, we are not sure what to expect! (The story of our lives!)

So far on our 2016 agenda, Timothy will have a few weeks of Paternity leave. We are looking forward to quality time as a new family. Timothy hopes to attend a couple of conferences that happen to be in some pretty cool places. Our parents are planning to visit us in England, and we are planning a trip to the States as well. But life/work always throws a few curve balls our way, so who knows where and what 2016 has in store for us.

We really hope you had a wonderful 2015 and an even better 2016!


36 weeks... 9 Months!!

36 weeks… 9 Months!!

We have just hit the 36 week mark! 9 months! Let me say that again, 9 MONTHS! We are so close to meeting Miss Evie-D, only 4 more weeks. Since we are getting so close, I wanted to see what the grandparents predictions were! I’m hoping she will come just a tiny bit early, mainly because I’m so excited and I’m not very patient! But the grandparents think she will be a little late.

So far, everything in my pregnancy has been pretty normal, which we are very thankful for. We have completed our NCT (National Childbirth Trust) Antenatal courses. We were really happy we took the course. We got to meet 5 other couples who are due in January and live in the area. We also learned more about what childbirth is like in the UK (very different than the US). If all goes well, Evie will be delivered by midwifes and I could be home as soon as 6 hours after giving birth! Also, we learned about pain management, the stages of labor, breast feeding, and the first few days at home. So far, we feel pretty confident about everything.

Now on to predictions…

The questions asked:

  1. What day do you think she will come? (Official due date January 17)
  2. Weight? & Height?
  3. Eye color?
  4. Will she have hair? If so, what color?
Mama Laura & Daddy Timothy
  1. January 10 vs. January 19
  2. 7lb 4oz, 19 1/2 in long vs. 7lb 4oz, 18in long
  3. Hazel vs. Brown
  4. Yes- Brown vs. Yes-Black

Grandpa Mark

  1. January 24
  2. 8lbs and 20 in long
  3. Brown
  4. No, eventually brown.

Pap-pap Randy & Grandma Bonnie

  1. January 21 vs. January 25
  2. 7 lbs 9oz, 21in long vs. 8 lbs 5 oz 21 in long
  3. Brown vs. Brown
  4. Yes-dark vs. Yes-dark

Additional Predictions from Grandpa Randy:
Will she be the cutest? Yes
Will she be average or above average intelligence?  genius
Will she prefer windows or Linux? Sorry dumb question. ..of course Linux
Will she use Apple or Android? Sorry again …Android.
Will she like pink? I hope so …based on what she is getting for Christmas.

Timothy’s parents visited England for the first time this past month! We had a great time showing them around the St. Albans area, and of course LONDON!

Timothy’s mom arrived first. She was able to go with us to our anatomy ultra sound, where we discovered Peanut was a very healthy (and maybe stubborn) little GIRL! 🙂 Then the site seeing began! We showed her around St. Albans, London, and Hampton Court Palace. Also, one evening Tim took us to the theater to see WICKED. It was a lot of fun.

Then about a week later Timothy’s dad arrived! A really cool part of their trip was that Christopher’s (Timothy’s younger brother) trip to London/Amsterdam overlapped with his parents, so he hung out with us a couple of days! While Timothy’s dad was here, we went to St. Albans, of course, and in London we visited the British National Gallery, the Tower of London, Westminster Abby, and went on a Thames River boat cruise to see all the major sites (Big Bend, Parliament, St. Paul’s, etc.). On their final day in England, Timothy took his dad to Bletchley Park (iconic WWII code breaking location), while Mrs. Mann and I had an afternoon at the spa.

(Click on a picture to enlarge gallery)

Dorothea Ramirez, 62, passed away on July 23, 2014. Dorothea, known by friends as Dee, was born in Aberdeen, WA to the late Mr. Milton Hall & Mrs. Bernice Hall on July 17, 1952. She graduated from Hoquiam High School, and married Mark A. Ramirez on February 23, 1985. She was a loving wife, mother, sister & friend. More than that, she was a proud Army Wife, Army Mom, & Aggie Mom. She loved traveling, reading historical fiction, writing silly stories, & taking photographs. She was also involved in church for many years & was known as a behind the scenes woman who served God humbly.

Dee is preceded in death by her parents Milton & Bernice Hall; her brother, Milton Hall, Jr.; & mother-in-law, Carmen Ramirez.

Dee is survived by her husband, Mark Ramirez; her children, Anthony Ramirez, Laura Ramirez-Mann & Timothy Mann, Lyle & Rachel Ramirez; her grandchildren Mia Farrell Ramirez, Elijah Farrell, Aliyah Farrell, & Savannah Ramirez; along with her older sister Marie Clair & younger brother James Hall.

The family of Dorothea Ramirez wishes to extend our sincere thanks to Valley Medical Oncology Consultants (Dr. Nitin Joshi, Tara Jordan, PA-C, & the nursing staff), Vitas Innovative Hospice Care, Highland Baptist Church, & her family & friends who supported her & loved her.

Mom to the chosen few, Dee to most, & Dorothea to some.

In lieu of flowers, we ask people to donate in mom’s name (Dorothea E. Ramirez) to either the American Cancer Society or The Gideon International (Free Bible service).

Thank you from the Ramirez Family.

Life is good in Israel. Surprisingly Timothy and I have had a pretty easy transition and have not experienced too much culture shock (besides almost starving our first sabbath!). However I will say, I’ve had a couple of rough days where I really had to ask  myself “What have I gotten myself into?!?!” But overall life is good.

We moved into our apartment on Sunday (Feb. 10), which Tim refers to as our Mt. Carmel Cottage. So far we just have a bed, small vanity/shelf unit, an end table, and some kitchen supplies. Our neighbor is letting us use some stools until we get some chairs. While it doesn’t feel homey like our place in Texas, it is a really nice apartment. I’m sure it will feel like home soon.

We live in a great neighborhood called Neve Shaanan, which is near the Ziv Center in Haifa. Across the street from our apartment is a small bakery (Tim likes to get pastries there) and a pharmacy. Around the corner is a grocery store. And down the street is a produce market and a butcher shop (which we don’t have much use for). We are also close to several bus stops that can take us to almost any where we want to go in the area. I think I understand the buses a little better than Tim! 🙂

Timothy and I also joined an English writers group (We are the youngest members by about 33 years, but we kinda like it that way). The groups main goal is to write about life in Haifa from the perspective of native English speakers/immigrants. I think it will be really fun and help to encourage us to write about our experiences here in Israel. Plus the people are really nice and have such interesting stories to tell.

We are also starting to make friends with our neighbors and Tim’s school mates. I’m excited about what will happen next during our adventure in Israel.

Other random thoughts about Haifa, Israel:

  • The bats are HUGE! They are like flying cats.
  • You can buy milk in a bag.
  • Domino’s Pizza is open on the Sabbath! WHOOP!
  • Hummas here is so good and creamier than in the U.S.
  • Schnitzel means fried chicken in Israel… not fried pork like in Germany.
  • Cell phone plans are CHEAP!!

As we prepare for our move to Israel, Timothy and I flew out to California (The Bay Area) to visit my parents. This was Tim’s first time in the Bay area, so my parents took us on the Grand Tour! We got to go to Half-Moon Bay,  Napa Valley, Muir Woods, Golden Gate Bridge, Japanese Tea Garden (SF & Hayward), Pier 39,  China Town (SF), Lombard Street (SF Crookedest Street) and so much more. We had a lot of fun and we are so thankful to see my parents before we move.

We are one step closer to graduation.  Yesterday, Timothy submitted the final paper work for his dissertation, and I passed my oral exam. To celebrate Timothy and I ordered our Aggie Rings! For those of you who don’t know, getting your Aggie Ring is a HUGE deal! You can’t just buy one. You have to apply for one, and meet the eligibility requirements- then you pay for it! J

As new comers to A&M in ’07 we didn’t get why the rings were so special, but after 5 ½ years we get it. The best part is we are the class of 2012. Our rings will have a 12 in the middle, and not only will it represent our class year, but also the 12th Man spirit. We will get to pick up our rings the day of Graduation.

On December 14 @ 2pm, Timothy will be walking across the stage in Reed Arena, wearing his brand new Aggie Ring to receive his diploma and to get “hooded.” If you would like to watch graduation online, we will send out a link that will stream graduation live.

In other news, we plan to move out of our apartment the week after graduation (around Dec. 21). We have not planned out our route yet, but somehow we will end up in NY to drop off our car before we fly to Israel.

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