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There were barely any lines! So Tim and I got to ski a ton.

Day 4- Town in the morning, Skiing in the afternoon. (Happy Birthday Mrs. Mann)

The town was very quiet, but we still had a lot of fun walking the streets and seeing the sights. While skiing I was much more adventurous.

Day 5- Inn of the Mt. Gods and Tubbing!

In the morning, we went to the Inn of the Mt. Gods, which was very cool. The Resort sits on a small lake and has a Casino. Tim and I played $5 worth of slots and left with $0.12! đŸ™‚ While we were not big winners, we did have a lot of fun. In the afternoon, Tim and I went tubbing, which Tim absolutely hated, but I enjoyed!

Day 6- Drove home, and went through Roswell, NM again!

The drive was long and hard, but we survived! Thank goodness for our Tomtom and estimated arrival time or we might have gone mad!

Day 1: Traveled from Bryan, Tx to Ruidoso, NM- 707 miles! Long day!

We drove through Waco and Lubock, Tx, and ROSWELL, NM!!! Driving in, we were really nervous that there might not be any snow because there was only snow once we got to Ruidoso!

Day 2: Tim and I went skiing at Ski Apache in Ruidoso, NM.

Actually Tim went snowboarding and I went skiing. Luckily I remembered most of the stuff Tim taught me the one time he took me skiing in college. We had a really awesome time and the weather was perfect. Plus there weren’t a lot of people, which made it even better! Hopefully we won’t be too sore tomorrow and will have just as much, if not more fun!

PS Happy Birthday Jon!

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