As always, time just goes by way to quickly. I hope to do a better job posting in 2011! (So I started this post back in January… I’m sorry for being such a slacker!!!)

So here is what you missed!

November 2010!

School, School, THANKSGIVING!, and School! Tim and I were lucky enough to travel to Virginia for Thanksgiving with the Mann family! Mom, Dad, Jon, Ruolin, Cara and Christopher were all there too! We had a great time and even got to squeeze in our Christmas painting and also celebrate Dad’s birthday.

December 2010!

School, Finals, A trip to the Valley, School, and Christmas Break! Tim and I decided to stay in Texas this year. It looks like 2011 will have a ton of traveling, so we thought it would be best to have our First Christmas in Texas. My mom (Dee Ramirez) decided to join us this year. It was nice to have family with us. Thanks to technology we were able to Skype with the Mann Family (including Grandparents and even two aunts and an uncle!). For New Years, we went to San Antonio to visit the Cardonas (Great Friends of the Ramirez Family!). It was a great way to spend New Years.


January/February 2011

Somehow, January and February blurred into one and now we are in March.

Tim was accepted to an National Science Foundation program in Korea, where he will be researching for 8 weeks.

For Spring Break Tim and I went to Galveston for two days. We stayed at the Avenue O Bed and Breakfast, enjoyed the gulf breeze and nice scenery. Then on the way home we stopped at NASA! Unfortunately it was a short stay and break went by too quickly.

I’ll post picture soon! 🙂