Yesterday Timothy and I took the bus from Haifa down to the Old City Jerusalem (with 1 bus change and a tram ride, about 3 hours). We just wanted to explore the old city and spend the day together, so we didn’t have guide or go on a tour.

We entered the city through the Damascus Gate, which lead us to the Via Dolorosa St. We saw several stations of the cross  (2-5, 7,8, and 10). We might have easily walked passed the other stations (1, 6, and 9) and not even know it! We went inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre as well and saw Jesus’ “Tomb”. (I’m not sure how much we can trust these sites.) Other sights we saw, but didn’t actually go into was the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock and Mt. Olive (which we plan to visit next time).

We enjoyed wandering around the maze of streets in the Old City. Most of the streets were filled with bazaars selling all kinds of souvenirs, candies, spices, and other interesting items. We had a map, but honestly a map is not enough for the Old City. We got lost several time, but had fun doing it. I must admit, towards the end I was hot (high of 97), hungry, and tired, which equals grumpy in my book! I will say I did not enjoy the crowds, but I guess that is unavoidable in such a popular place.

I hope you enjoy our pictures. I have a couple of other day trips planned, and a special weekend anniversary trip! So keep an eye out for more updates! Also, I just got my “Rick Steves’ Italy 2013” book from Amazon (thanks for the recommendation Aunt Marie)! Timothy and I finally plan to visit Rome for his birthday in September. WHOOP!